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The word environment is often being used by almost all people around us. It is a fact that life is tied with environment. Every one is speaking about the protection and pre-serration of environment.  This shows the increasing importance of environment.


We probably spend more time at work place than we do at home. So, it makes sense to follow the same hygiene standards, as there are more  number of people at work place to spread germs. Good hygiene in  workplace is essential for reducing the risk of being unwell.


Successful organizations irrespective of size or industry – take safety seriously because employees are their most important assets. By providing a safe environment, the morale of an employee will boost, as a result productivity can increase and cost can be controlled.


The answer to or disposition of a problem.

Contribute towards Productivity Enhancement by facilitating Healthier, Safer, comfortable work places; and Corporate Relationships through state of art Personal and Industrial Health and Hygiene and Corporate Gifting Solutions.

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Aadit EHS Solutions Private Limited is a one stop destination for healthcare, hospitality, hygiene and gifting products. Having grand legacy since independence of India, The Aadit EHS Solutions is a leading work place solutions provider aiming to build safer, healthier and environment friendly work places for better productivity of its employees and the ambience to facilitate high end satisfaction among the workers and the visitors.


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Become most renowned Client Centric Quality Services Provider, to address continually changing needs and support for better informed decisions allied to Health, Hygiene, Safety, Environment and Corporate Gifting solutions for our esteemed clients through customized technical inputs, products and reliable after sale services.

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  • 1942 : All India Stationary Mart Founded By Shri Shantibhai Bhavsar
  • 1978 : Kamal Corporation to meet Tender Supplies, Wholesale Trade Office Supplies
  • 1985 : Ravi Art Agencies Distributor of Camlin Ltd. for 1200 retail channel partners
  • 1989 : Kshetrapal Marketing Services-CFA of 70 distributors of Camlin for Gujarat State
  • 1996 : Ravi Art Distributors Pvt Ltd for associating with direct manufacturer and corporate
  • 2008 : Renamed as Aadit eHS Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  • 2013 : Shifted to new office
  • 2019 : Own Corporate House 


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